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Gray Non Prescription Coloured Contacts - Freshlook One Day

Gray Non Prescription Coloured Contacts - Freshlook One Day

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This is great for trying out various color contacts.

Unique 3-in-1 technology combines three colors into one to blend naturally with your own eye color.  Dazzling changes to any eye color.

Researchers at Ciba Vision pored over pictures of eyes to identify the features that are common to beautiful eyes. They found that the irises considered most beautiful usually have a dark outer ring, an inner band of color, and a small golden starburst near the pupil.

Ciba Visions FreshLook Freshlook One-Day Colors lenses combine these three features but also have small, uncolored spaces where the iriss natural color shows through. This, gives the lens a more natural appearance.

COLOR VARIATION:   The picture(s) online is only meant to give you an idea of how this colored lens may look on your eyes because results can vary depending on your natural eye color and the color values of your computer monitor.

FDA approved and manufactured here in the U.S.A. by Ciba Vision.

Lens care instructions included.

**** Non prescription, zero power lens. Cosmetic use only ****

*** Factory sealed.  1 Pair of lenses ***

Manufacturer : Ciba Vision
Brand : Ciba Vision FreshLook One Day Colors
BaseCurve 8.6
Diameter 13.8
Power 0.00
Wear : this is a 1 day lens to be disposed after one day use

Larger volume wholesale discounts available.  Please contact us with your needs.

FDA considers all contact lens a medical device (this includes plano lenses also known as non prescription lenses) and can only be sold with the involvement of an eye care professional. For all prescription and plano lenses, please provide your eye doctors name and phone number so that we can verify the prescription with them (including plano lenses).  Your eye doctor has eight-business-hours to respond.  If your eye doctor does not respond within the required time, the prescription is then verified automatically.

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